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Just scan barcodes to organize your books.
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Pile of Books


The Handy Library app is used to:
  • Manage a personal book collection or a home library,

  • Build a small public library, a class library,

        or a church library,

  • Inventory, manage books in a library or a bookstore

  • People who often lend books to their friends, or borrow books from a library.

  • Organize items in a bookcase or cabinet.


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Pile of Books

Key Features

Version (Oct 28, 2021)

  • Easy adding a book to your library by scanning barcode (ISBN), searching from the Internet or manual input.

  • Write your note for a book;

  • Share a book link to your friends;

  • Search a book that already exists in your library by scan its ISBN code, or input a keyword;

  • Sort books in your library by various options like: title, author, series, published year,...

  • Keep track of books that you lent to or borrowed from your friends and remind you when a book is overdue;

  • Manage your wish list;

  • And more...


App Screenshots


Customer Reviews

Amy Wisdom
June 18, 2021

Love this app. I am able to search my bookshelves and see if I already have a book. Love being able to scan the ISBN code to enter books. If that doesn't work I can search online.

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