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The Difference Between People Who Read a Lot of Books and Those Who Don't Read Books

Reading many novels, you will witness numerous lives rising and falling, encountering all sorts of dirty tricks and deceit, witnessing various forms of base lust, feeling sorrow and frustration, and understanding what it means to be powerless and gloomy. You will read all kinds of stories in this world that will immerse you deeply, and from now on, no matter what you face, they will be experiences that, deep in your heart, you have already encountered once before.

Reading many history books, you will read about all kinds of power and countless individuals swept away by the currents of fate. You will realize how small humans are and how life is always full of upheavals.

Reading many philosophy books, you will witness the formation of various values and numerous answers to even the smallest questions. You will discover that what you have always believed to exist is merely an illusion, and what you have always mocked as foolish contains profound meanings. You will no longer stubbornly cling to what you once held onto, but instead view this half-real, half-fake world with a speculative eye (speculative: simply thinking without relying on practical experience).

Reading many sociology books, you will again encounter stories so familiar they seem ordinary, only to find that they all have origins worth exploring. You will realize that human society is nothing more than an imagined sketch. You will also discover that behind warm stories often lie cold calculations, and you are just an element in an entire system, a drifting leaf in the flow of life.

Reading many anthropology books, you will understand that humans are just a very special kind of animal, and that we are not actually as noble as we think. Without our distinctive traits, we are merely animals wearing the cloak of modern civilization.

Not reading much isn't necessarily a bad thing, because often the more you read, the more indifferent you become to the world.

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