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You browse the web, watch Youtube to find the way to read books effectively.

You see others show the large quality of books in a month, a year, but you are not able to remember how many books you read last month.

Each year, you establish a reading goal with high hopes, yet you consistently fall short of achieving it.

Reading is a skill that all people in the world have, but most of them cannot read effectively. When reading a book, readers want to remember more information in long-term memory, and readers want to apply what you read. It is time you need to improve your reading skill, leading to better access to knowledge.

There are small tips that assist you to implement reading more effectively.


When paying a visit to bookstores, readers have a lot of options. It depends on your preference, you have to select a book that suits your preference. Some individuals love fiction books such as romantic novels and fantasy series. Some individuals want up-to-date knowledge such as science, psychology, and medical books. Some individuals want to learn more about knowledge related to economics such as marketing and MBA books. Determine what you are caring about, you can choose books that encourage and focus on what you read. 

You can refer to reviews of book reviewers, but the most important thing is your feeling and the connection with a book. Thus, you should read an instruction of a book before making a decision to read it. 


A suitable place plays an important role in effective reading. A quiet and peaceful place is very suitable for readers to read a book effectively. Some readers love to enjoy a book in a book café, a park and public areas to read books. However, not all public places are suitable for every reader. Public areas make readers disturbed, so you should avoid these places to focus on books. You should set up a book corner at your home. It could be a work desk in your private room, or a balcony. 

In addition, a suitable time for readers to read a book is also crucial. Choose a specific time that your brain works most effectively at a day and stick to it for the long term. Morning is a good time for some people, but mid-night is a good time for others. Everyone has their own schedule, and you do not feel pressure when your reading time is different from others. Besides, you do not try to read a book for a long time, which leads to loss of your attention. Instead of reading books continuously, you should separate your time to get new energy and remain focused. 


There are many methods that help you to improve your concentration such as pomodoro, deep work, 80/20 and FAST. Applying these ways assist you to retain your consistency, optimizing your time when reading. 

It is hard for many people to concentrate for a long period of time. Although it is very hard, you can improve your concentration. When reading with a high level of focusing, your mind can easily comprehend and absorb new knowledge. 


I always give other advice related to taking notes while reading. This process not only helps you to remember key takeaways, but also triggers your critical thinking. 

I have a blog about taking notes while reading. You can refer to it. 


The process of thinking allows you to comprehend what you read more deeply. While thinking you can link key points in books with lessons in real life. When reading, you have to be active to read by asking questions and finding answers. This process improves reading skills, comprehends meaningful knowledge, and remembering takeaways longer. 

Knowledge is always a theory if you do not experience it in real life. Applying knowledge in real life is the next step. Knowledge is more colorful when we know how to use it in real life. It is ok when you fail to apply it. At least, you know that the lesson is not suitable to you and your hands- on experience is more important than any lesson in a book you read. 


It is very difficult for new readers to start and maintain a reading habit, but everybody is able to build this habit by simple steps. To build this habit, you should try to start reading a book five minutes everyday, then expand your reading time when you maintain it for a long time. 

You can use Chat GPT to set a specific schedule. When you get used to reading books everyday, it becomes daily activities such as making your bed after waking up and skin care before bedtime. 

In conclusion, reading books is one of the healthy habits that obtain you to improve yourself and accumulate knowledge. I hope these tips I share are helpful. I hope you have a happy and enjoyable reading journey. 

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1 Comment

Toàn T.V
Toàn T.V
Mar 15

For me, emthusiasm and imagination are two essential factors that help me read books effectively

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