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How to keep books in Good Conditions

As book collectors, you have a great deal of books in your home library. Each book in your collection means to you, it could be a birthday gift of your loved one, it could be a psychologist who helps you to overcome the most difficult time in your life. Therefore, you always treat your books special and maintain them in a good condition. This post shares how to store your books and keep them in a pristine condition.

1. Put your book collection to escape from sunlight

There is no doubt that the book corner filled with sunlight is a great place for readers who love reading books in natural light. However, the sunlight does harm our book collection because it makes color on book covers fade.

If it is very difficult for you to change your bookshelves which have existed for a long time period, you can set up small curtains that not only help you to protect your book collection from sunlight but also decor your book corner.

2. Make use of paper bags and newspaper for book covers

Books with paperback format make them easy for destroying corners of cover pages themselves. If you don't protect your book covers, your books become old after you finish them. I recommend you should utilize paper bags or newspapers to cover your books. In fact, changing paper bag cover is easier than changing the real cover of a book because you can't tear the old cover book and replace a new one. This method assists us with minimal wear and tear, avoiding accidental spills, dirty or stains.

3. Eliminate clunky or oversized bookmarks from your books

Oversized bookmarks can put pressure on the spine of books as well as remind us of the page we read. Discard a bulky bookmark to eliminate the opportunity of pages being torn while reading.

  • Use the paper bookmark to preserve your books from unwanted damage.

  • Don't fold a page or make a “dog-earing" to avoid permanent harm.

  • You can use the Handy Library app to mark a page while reading.

4. Prevent harm from befalling the binding

Books with paperback or hardcover have fragile bindings or spines. Thus, the larger you open your book, the more pressure you put on the binding and spine.

  • Open a new book very carefully as its spines may be stiff and delicate, susceptible to breaking at any instant.

5. Flip pages very carefully

Pages are very thin and it is very easy to be destroyed accidentally. Turning each page while reading avoids accidental damage such as permanent stains, wrinkles, tears, and rips.

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