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I read books related to minimalism with the expectation that I can give away my books. But, It doesn't work for me. Each book on my shelf gives me specific lessons or messengers. I can't do it. That's the reason why I find out more information about library science to catalog, sort and organize my book collection. Now, I’m happy with my reading journey and lending books to others.

After trial cataloging books methods, these are lessons I picked up and I share with you.

1. You need to define the genres of books you read by Dewey Decimal Classification

Each book is sorted by different genres. Do you know exactly the genre of book you are reading? If someone asked me this question before, I would say yes. But now, when I read more documents about library science, I don't know as much as I expected. So, I need a scientific system that helps me to sort tons of books at home. I know about Dewey Decimal Classification. Honestly, this method is not very easy for readers to organize their books, because you have to read many documents to understand it. However, you do not need to be a master at it to organize your books.

This is a tip. Every book gives information about the number of Dewey Decimal Classifications. You are able to find it in your books and try to divide books which have the same number in a group.

If the book doesn't give you this information, you can access this link, the trial version will give you the number, it helps you to know the code of Dewey Decimal Classifications.

There are 10 main classes. And it depends on our preference, we could have more books in one class than the other classes.

2. You should put all books with same genre in the shelf

As an avid reader, I have different kinds of books. After sorting the books by Dewey Decimal Classification, I realize I don’t read as many genres as I think. I don't read books in Science, Language, or Art & recreation groups or I rarely read books in Social science and Religion. Thus, I put these genres in the same shelf, and give a special space for literature genres.

3. I use the Handy Library app to help me

The app is very easy to use for those who are not tech-savvy. The first ISBN scan allows me to add the data of the book in the app, the second ISBN scan shows me where my book is located. It is very convenient for me to sort and arrange my books.

I also update the name of the person who I lent books or borrowed my books by editing the Note function. I set up the due date in the app. I do not worry about losing my book or forgetting to give the book back to its owner. Honestly, I appreciate this function of this app.

Ultimately, this is a technique that aids in organizing your books with improved effectiveness and efficiency. Feel free to employ this solution if it proves helpful to you.

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Handy library is very useful app for my books collection.


Tien Tan
Tien Tan

Great post! Thank you for your sharing.

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