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Using Chat GPT to improve reading skills

Updated: Mar 8

We can't deny the power and influence of Chat GPT which is the state-of-the-art tool. It was released in 2022 and hit one million users in 5 days. If you used this tool, you might be surprised at the speed of producing answers with its rapid and accurate response capabilities. After applying this tool to my daily tasks, I considered using it for improving my reading skills. I think it works. Thus, I decided to share some tips and tricks with you to utilize this tool to develop my reading journey. This post is a worthwhile read for those seeking to optimize their use of Chat GPT.

1. Comprehension 

Although you are good at reading skills, sometimes you are not able to understand a text. You need a simple explanation to absorb knowledge and comprehend more context in the big picture. It's time you should use the Chat GPT tool. It helps you understand more about what you read. 

Just simple steps, you can understand more about complex concepts, text, or quote. 

  • Copy the text

  • Enter the chat box: “Explain [Text]” 

You can see the text I entered in that chat box. 

Then, GPT gave me the explanation:

2. Personalized plan

As a hectic schedule, it’s hard for readers to organize their reading journey. You do not know how to make a plan for a book that you can read effectively, but it does not make you feel overwhelmed. 

For example, I borrowed a book named “For Whom the Bell Tolls' ' from my friend, but she needed me to give her back after 10 days. Normally, I enjoy reading a book without a due day because it takes me more time than others to take notes and analyze the context. 

I ask for help with GPT.  I entered exactly what I wanted and let GPT help me. 

GPT suggests a table plan.

3. Summary

After completing a book, I habitually write summaries for each chapter to retain essential details like settings, context, and character backgrounds. This practice has become second nature to me, facilitating a swift process for every book. While some readers might find it challenging to condense their readings into brief summaries, they express a desire to capture the essence of what they've read.

For instance, when I ask, "Can you summarize this [Text]," I'm seeking a chapter-by-chapter summary, as demonstrated by the query: "Can you provide a chapter-by-chapter summary for the book named For Whom the Bell Tolls?"

The GPT results:

Tips: It's advisable to request a summary before commencing a book and store it in a file. After completing each chapter, you can refer to the file for a brief recap. Avoid seeking summaries individually since ChatGPT may provide varying results. While the outputs might share similarities, relying on individual chapter summaries can lead to inconsistencies throughout the entire book. This can be frustrating when encountering significant differences between summaries of consecutive chapters.

4. Take away

It is similar to summary, you ask for a key takeaway from books. Each reader has different ideas related to one topic or concept. Typically, I often read a book review on Goodread, or follow some book reviewers on their social media platforms to see what they think about the book I've read. And you can do it with Chat GPT, it is an optional resource readers can refer to.

You can enter the text like this:

  • What are the key takeaways from [book by author]?

For example: I enter “What are the key takeaways from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery?”

The GPT results:

5. Book recommendation 

Have you ever read a book that you really enjoyed? And you want to find some books with the same topic with it. Please ask for GPT. 

  • If I enjoy reading [insert book name]? What other books would I enjoy?

  • What are the most [adjective] books/ [type] books?

I enter “If I enjoy reading Totto-chan, the Little Girl at the Window? What other books would I enjoy?”

GPT displays a variety of book recommendations for you to choose. You can search for information and other details of books that you want to read more about. It’s a good tool for you to select a book before reading.

Finally, these are tips I often use to minimize my time to read a book and assist me to read a book more effectively. I hope these tips are helpful to you.

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