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Strategies for Reading More Books and Reducing Internet Usage:

Everybody knows reading is beneficial for our lives. The person who reads many books doesn't have a successful life, but the successful person reads many books. The famous people in the world suggest reading books as much as possible. Bill Gates reads 50 books per year and Warren Buffet reads at least 500 pages every single day.

Nowadays, people spend more of their time on social media than reading Books. In fact, surfing the Internet is more interesting and attractive than reading a book. However, reading more books brings more beneficial value than scrolling down newsfeed in the long term.

Today, I share tips with you that help you read more books.

First of all, you need to have a good well-being to read more books. I always do soft exercises such as walking or stretching 10 minutes before a reading journey. This activity helps my brain function better, and I can focus on books as longest as possible. This is because physical and mental health plays an important role in our life and we can’t enjoy the book if our physical body is weak.

When you use this method, you can not only reduce screen time on your phone but also increase book time in your life. There are many advantages of this habit that could be brought to you.

Secondly, read physical books instead e-books

Many argue that e-books could replace physical books and physical books are a waste of money; on the other hand, to me it is not waste, it is investment. Most readers think that we can read e-books wherever and whenever, but we can't do that with printed books. We engage with knowledge and lessons by reading books in either physical or electronic books. I agree.

In my experience, when I read digital books, I don't use my pencil to pen my opinion down, or highlight quotes in books with different colors. When I look back on my reading journey on the physical book, I feel like I used to live on that journey.

It is very easy for me to highlight or take notes of my opinion with my device. However, when I review my point of view by digital letters on the screen, it doesn't contain the feeling. Anyway, reading books on your device creates the sense of scrolling social media. I want to separate the feeling that you read books and read new feeds or watching short videos. If you read digital books, you actually remember the feeling when you surf the Internet. And your goal is to read more books so that let's create joy by flipping through paper instead of reading books by devices.

Thirdly, decorate and organize your reading space

Many people starting reading habits feel sleepy when they read a book. That's why I suggest people read books before physical activity. However, reading space is also important because it establishes the sense that you are in the library where you focus on your books.

At home, I often read my book on the balcony where I enjoy my books by natural light. On rainy days, I pursue my books on the desk next to the bookshelves. Sometimes, I can take a break by seeing my books that are cataloged and sorted knit and clean on each shelf. These spaces at home offer me a cozy and warm place to leaf through my books, so that I am able to focus 100% on reading books deeply.

Fourthly, your phone should be charged 50%.

I wonder whether I should suggest this method to this post. It seems like it is not related to this topic, but let me explain a little bit. Look at your screen time on your phone, I make sure that it shows three and four hours every day, and you allocate most of your time on Social Media. You don't need your phone for work as much as you think. In fact, conserving around 50% of your phone's battery each day could be more than sufficient. I've noticed that when your phone's battery level is running low, you naturally tend to use it less.

In conclusion, I present my strategies designed to assist you in cultivating a reading habit, and I trust that you find them valuable. Feel free to adapt one of these methods to align better with your personal lifestyle.

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