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Tips for remembering what we read

In the previous post, I shared the memory process with you to understand how our brain records information and how we absorb knowledge by different methods. However, those methods still have negative aspects and don't match all people. Today, I continue to share tips and tricks that help me to remember what I read. 

1.Take notes 

This is always the first recommendation when I give advice about remembering when reading. When an interesting point comes up in your mind, what will you do? You skip it and go on reading because you don't want to lose your time for reading and you think you will back your idea soon. However, it doesn't happen as you expect. After closing your book, your idea went away. 

Taking notes may be a time-consuming task, but it is worth it for readers to spend time and effort on. 

I kindly request you to read more tips related to taking-notes effectively. 

2. Clarify the things you read

After jotting down what you learn from books, you need to analyze the information that you absorb. This process requires your critical thinking and research skills. This is because opinions in the book are based on the author's views. You carefully check events that are mentioned in the book whether they happened in real life or data are verified or recognized by experts. 

This process is considered the most difficult part. You should be conscious to avoid being influenced by the author's views.

3. Make Connections with Real-Life Events

Books contain many valuable lessons, but it doesn’t mean you can learn all from them. For example, many people don't understand why Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular classic books in the world. This is because they are not able to link small stories in the long story with real-life events.  

To me, this book is very interesting and captivating. The content of it is simple and predictable, but it can bring life lessons in the story. Although nowadays feminist is very popular, many girls choose their partners based on men’s assets and property as they think it is the protection for their life for the rest of their life. After reading the book, I understand the reason why young women act like that. 

In real life, I don't value their selection because I know their motivation. 

4. Create a healthy reading habit 

Reading is an exercise for your brain. As athletes, their bodies are trained very seriously and strictly every single day. As readers, our brain should be trained every day by creating a healthy reading routine which leads us to captivating knowledge more easily and effectively. 

You can read “Making reading habits with Jame Clear” in a previous post. It contains specific strategies that help you to read books more often and fluently. There are many benefits for your memory when applying them. Your brain appreciates you because it doesn't spend tons of time  reviewing what a book mentions in previous chapters or retaining the same knowledge in other books that you already read. 

  • Uncover Your Motivation

Reading books is not valuable to you if you read books without the correct mindset. Take me as an example. I want to improve my social skills and connect with others more effectively, so I choose some books related to these skills. Additionally, I love writing and classic literature books allow me to develop my language. 

  • Establish a Consistent Routine

Select a specific time on a day for you to read a book and try your best to maintain reading habit  every single day. Reading before sleeping allows you to sleep better and remember the knowledge more effectively. You can start a day by reading one paragraph or one chapter when your brain works well. 

  • Minimize Distractions

While you are reading books, you may be annoyed by notifications on social media, or disturbed by phones from your friends. The root cause is your phone. Don't worry if you turn off your phone in 15 or 30 minutes. You'll find that this small sacrifice not only enables more extensive reading but also grants you additional time for other tasks.

5. Don’t hesitate to re-read

Many readers may hesitate to revisit a book they've read before, believing there are no new insights or lessons to be gained, or that the investment of time is too extensive. However, I hold a different perspective. There are two primary advantages to reconsidering a previously read book.

Rediscovery of Details: Over time, details of a book may fade from memory. Rereading helps you rediscover and appreciate the smaller, intricate elements of the story that you may have forgotten.

Different Perspectives: As you evolve and gain new life experiences, your perspective may change. Rereading a book with a fresh set of eyes can lead to different interpretations and a broader understanding, reflecting your growth over time.

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