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Tips to help kids develop reading habits

Reading plays a crucial role in modern life. The earlier a person reads, the smarter they are. Therefore, most parents want their children to create a reading habit. Today, I share some tricks and tips that enhance your child's love of reading books. 

  1. Incorporate Storytelling into Daily Routines Parents can initiate a newborn reader who even can't speak simple words such as “dad" or “mum". Make reading as a daily routine by reading a short story with a baby before bedtime, or while sleeping. Babies will naturally listen to the gentle voice of their parents or other members who read aloud.

  2. Model a Passion for Literature It's very easy for children to mimic the actions of people around them, so you should read books and discuss interesting points in front of your children. Day by day, when you show the excitement of reading books you are reading, kids are likely to be more enthusiastic and stimulated to be curious with books.

  3. Establish a Cozy Reading Book You do not need a fancy corner that contains a big collection of books to stimulate your children to love books. You can set up a corner with natural light in the room where your child often plays with their toys. You put some fancy books beside their toys, leading to enthusiasm for books. They could be not interested in books in the early stage, books allow your children to connect reading with coziness and comfort.

  4. Visit Libraries to Cultivate Curiosity The library is a great place for children to explore their world. You should take them to the local library where they see others who are the same ages are interested in books. Children are very easy to imitate others' actions. Therefore, they are more active when reading a book.

  5. Empower Their Choice in Reading Material Due to the nature of humans, no one likes to do what others tell them to do. In the bookstores or libraries, this is a special occasion for children to go around and find interesting books. Kids tend to have motivation to finish the book they pick up themselves. You can give them advice and narrow down the selections.

  6. Share the Experience of Reading Together Spending a specific time in a day reading books with them gives them a sense of belonging. They don't feel alone when reading a book as other members at home read with them.

  7. Maintain a Supportive Attitude Don't rush the progress. Sometimes, kids prefer watching TV to reading a book. You shouldn't be angry with them because of that. Try more ways to trigger their motivation to read more books. 

The importance of reading in modern life is emphasized, with an early start being correlated with increased intelligence. Recognizing this, parents aim to instill a reading habit in their children. The article provides tips to enhance a child's love for books, suggesting the incorporation of storytelling into daily routines, modeling a passion for literature, creating a cozy reading space, visiting libraries to cultivate curiosity, empowering children's choice in reading material, sharing the reading experience together, and maintaining a supportive attitude, even when progress is gradual or children show a preference for other activities like watching TV.

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