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Top Five Library Catalog Apps - Manage Your Book Collection

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Are you an avid reader with an extensive home library? Every bibliophile desires a well-organized book collection to track their reading progress and prevent buying duplicate books. In this post, we'll introduce you to five of the best book catalog apps that are perfect for managing your personal book inventory.

Why Use a Book Catalog App?

Imagine walking into a local library in search of a specific book. What's your first step? You approach the librarian, ask for the book's title, and they assist you in finding it. The librarian enters the book's details into the library's system, and within moments, you know exactly where the book is located.

Now, picture having this cataloging system at home. Book catalog apps are perfect for avid readers, students, teachers, bookstore managers, and librarians. They act as a digital bullet journal for book lovers, allowing you to organize your collection, set reading goals, and even remind you of borrowed or lent books.

Explore Your Options:

These apps offer a ton of features, catering to different preferences. Some excel in barcode or ISBN number scanning, while others recommend books based on your reading history. During your reading journey, you can take notes, capture quotes, and jot down opinions. With today's vast book databases, it's impossible to remember every detail, making these apps indispensable for quick and efficient searches.

By using these apps, you not only streamline your reading experience but also save money by avoiding duplicate book purchases.

The Top Five Library Catalog Apps:

Handy Library App

While it may not claim the title of the absolute best, the Handy Library App offers great accessibility. If you're keen on cataloging and managing your home library, this app is your loyal companion.

The app's standout feature is its barcode scanning function. With a simple scan of the ISBN, you can instantly import a book's comprehensive details, including its title, publisher, publication date, summary, and format. Moreover, Handy Library empowers you with a batch scan option, enabling you to efficiently add extensive volumes of books to your database.

Handy Library makes navigation a breeze. It provides easy access to different tabs, including Shelves, Books, Lend/Borrow, and Wishlist. In the Lend/Borrow section, you can diligently track due dates for borrowed or lent books, thanks to its reminder feature, safeguarding your collection.

Additionally, you have the freedom to edit book details, such as titles, authors, publishers, publication dates, and summaries. You can even update book covers by snapping photos, importing images from your gallery, or searching online. With its keyword search functionality, you can swiftly and accurately retrieve information about authors, series, and publications.

The free version allows you to add up to 100 books, complete with full functionality.

However, it's worth noting that Handy Library does have its share of drawbacks.

My Library App

Another top-tier library management app on the scene is My Library App, lauded for its clean and user-friendly interface. Users praise its simplicity and ease of mastery. It offers functionalities similar to Handy Library, allowing you to add books via barcode scanning or manual entry. Beyond cataloging books, you can sort or organize different kinds of other items such as movies, video games, and comics.

However, it's worth mentioning that some users have reported issues with the app's book cover function, occasionally providing incorrect cover art. Furthermore, it lacks the ability to edit photos taken with your device's camera.

In my viewpoint, I don't like the way My Library app displays the book. This is because the content of the book is quite messy. I hope the developer will design the insight and improve the user's experience.

CLZ Books App

CLZ Books stands as one of the finest book catalog apps, marrying simplicity with robust features to streamline your book collection management. Notably, it allows you to create custom tags, notes, and fields for each book, adding a personal touch to your library catalog. This app serves as your memory aid, helping you keep track of your reading journeys and loans, ensuring you never forget who borrowed your cherished book.

CLZ Books is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, offering cloud backup capabilities, enabling effortless database switching. The app's excellent customer service ensures prompt responses, usually within 24 hours. Regular updates demonstrate the developer's commitment to improving the app's functionality.

Nonetheless, CLZ Books has its limitations. The trial version restricts you to adding only five books before committing to the seven-day free trial subscription. This limitation might be a concern for avid book lovers with larger collections. Additionally, setting up the app initially may pose a challenge for less tech-savvy users, requiring the creation of a new account.

Libib App

Libib is a versatile library management app that accommodates various item types, including books, movies, video games, and music. With Libib, you can create customized libraries based on your preferences, tailoring your cataloging experience to your unique needs.

Privacy-conscious users will appreciate Libib's options for keeping your home library private or sharing it with friends and family who share your tastes. The trial account allows you to add up to 5,000 items, making it suitable for collections of various sizes.

Additionally, Libib offers a web counterpart, allowing you to access comprehensive library management services in a different format. Here, you can assign tags, write reviews, provide ratings, and take notes about the titles within your library.

However, it's worth noting that Libib's robust features may be overkill for individuals with smaller or medium-sized book collections. For those who prefer a straightforward cataloging experience, Libib might meet basic needs, but advanced features and full database access may require a subscription.

Bookshelf - Your Virtual Library

Bookshelf - Your Virtual Library is a well-designed app that excels at cataloging your book inventory. Users have praised its simplicity, and it has received favorable feedback on various platforms. The app introduces a batch scan feature, allowing you to scan multiple books efficiently. The developer has crafted a sleek design, making cataloging a visual delight.

One unique aspect of Bookshelf is the ability to create subcategories within each shelf, perfect for managing different editions of the same book or organizing collections into themes. The app motivates bibliophiles with features to track reading progress and set reading goals. You can even create a social profile, enabling your friends to follow your reading journey.

While Bookshelf boasts numerous new features, it's not without its bugs. Users have reported occasional issues with editing profiles and manually sorting shelves.

In conclusion, the right app can significantly enhance your book organization and cataloging experience. Each app has its strengths and drawbacks, and this post aims to provide insight based on our perspective. We welcome your thoughts and experiences in the comments to offer a well-rounded perspective for everyone.

Compare features of different apps such as Handy Library, My Library, CLZ Book, Libib,, and Bookshelf

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